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Depending on the type of cancer, its stage (how far it has spread), and where you are in the treatment process, chemo can be used to:

  • Cure the cancer.
  • Keep the cancer from spreading.
  • Slow the cancer’s growth.
  • Kill cancer cells that may have spread to other parts of the body
  • Relieve symptoms caused by cancer.

What is chemotherapy and how does it work?

Chemotherapy is the use of medicines or drugs to treat a disease, such as cancer. Many times this treatment is just called chemo treatment.

How is it decided which cancer drug is used in which cancer?

More than 100 chemo drugs are used in many combinations. A single chemo drug can be used to treatment of Chemotherapy cancer, but often multiple drugs are used in a certain order or in certain combinations (called combination chemotherapy). Multiple drugs with different actions can work together to kill more cancer cells. This can also reduce the chance that the cancer may become resistant to any one chemo drug. At our hopital we have best oncologist in lahore for cancer treatment.

These drugs have been tested in clinical experiments( clinical trials) and proven to work .One drug may work in one cancer and not work in other cancer.

How does chemo work to treat cancer?

Surgery helps to remove the cancer. However, surgery can not remove all the disease and if even a single cancer cell is left in the body, it can grow back. Also if cancer has spread, then surgery does not work. Similarly radiation therapy kills, or damages the cancer cells in a certain area .It does not work on whole body.
Chemotherapy can work throughout the whole body. It works to kill cancer where it started and Chemo also kills cancer cells that have metastasized (meh-TAS-tuh-sized) or spread to parts of the body far away from the primary (original) tumor.

What Dose of chemo will be given to me?

It depends on the type of chemo, type of cancer and patients condition. It is very important to use chemo medications in proper dose and schedule. Otherwise its effectiveness is reduced.
Dose is calculated based on your height, weight and other body functions.