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What We Do

What We Do?

1-Cancer diagnosis and Treatment

We provide consultations for the diagnosis and treatment services of all kinds of cancers.
Cancer is a disease that does not forgive. Time is of the essence. Diagnosis should be made as soon as possible and treatment should start right away. Otherwise, cancer services will continue to grow and spread farther and farther and become difficult to cure and manage.

Common symptoms which need special and urgent evaluation are;
Lumps, swelling, ulcers on the visible body parts like skin, breast, neck, axilla, groin, mouth, and throat, etc. Most cancers don’t cause pain in the beginning and pain can be a sign of advanced cancer.

Difficulty swallowing, breathing, urinating.
Bleeding from the mouth, blood in urine, stool, sputum
Any new and persistent (more than few days) symptoms like pale or yellow eyes, dark urine, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, weight loss, loss of appetite, problem breathing, pain, fever, bleeding, gum swelling, abdominal distension, difficulty walking, headache, the problem with vision, general weakness, weakness on one side of the body, etc. In short, any symptom which is new and does not go away in a few days should be evaluated and investigated by a competent physician.

Common tests to diagnose cancer depend on the symptoms and initial evaluation of the physician. They could vary from blood tests,x rays, CT or MRI scans, PET scans. Almost all cancers need a pathological diagnosis which could mean a biopsy, FNA, or surgery.

After the diagnosis of cancer, staging is important. This helps the doctors to know how advanced the cancer is and what are the best treatments for that particular stage and type of cancer.staging may require scans,x rays, blood tests, bone marrow biopsy, etc.
Every patient is unique and we have best cancer clinic in Pakistan and Treatment of cancer services depends on the type, stage of cancer, health, and preference of the patient, and available treatments. Always discuss your options, pros, and cons of the treatments with your treating oncologist.

2-Blood diseases diagnosis and treatment

Blood diseases are usually diagnosed when patients have symptoms like
bleeding,fevers,weakness,skin discoloration ,weight loss,swelling of gums etc etc.Many times blood abnormalities are picked up on routine blood tests.
We evaluate patients further to diagnose and treat all kinds of blood diseases .Please see the section on clinical hematology for specific conditions and diseases.
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3-Nutrition and anti-cancer diet counselling

Diet and nutrition are as important in cancer as in any other diseases like diabetes, heart disease, etc. Therefore, we pay special attention to this both during and after cancer diagnosis and treatment. We discuss the diets which promote cancer growth and should be avoided. Similarly, healthy eating habits are promoted to help make sure cancer is treated with a greater chance of
success. It is also known that people who eat healthily during cancer treatment suffer fewer side effects of treatment. To prevent cancer from coming back, healthy eating habits should be continued after treatments have been completed.

For more info on cancer nutrition ,please make a appointment with our clinic by calling +93 323 9186000.


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5-Cancer symptom management

Many patients have symptoms of a cancer which could lower quality of life and day to day living.Pain ,nausea ,weakness ,breathing and bowel issues need attention throughout treatments and afterwards.We strive to prevent and treat these symptoms to improve the quality of life of our patients


7-Natural anti-cancer supplements guidance

We recognize that traditional cancer treatments have limitations and side effects. We also know that before advent of modern cancer or chemotherap treatments in Lahore like surgery ,radiation or y ,people have treated cancer in various cultures. People have used herbs,supplements,prayer,yoga ,acupuncture ,chinese medicines etc to help patients heal. Some of these practices are helpful to control cancers and treat symptoms of cancer and minimize suffering. We encourage our patients to discuss and inform us about their preferences. We also recommend and coordinate with you alternative practitioners.

4-Anti-cancer Lifestyle counselling

We know that most cancers are not inherited or genetic.Many cancers are the result of unhealthy eating, lack of activity and exercise,toxins in the environment,unhealthy and excessive stress etc. Therefore ,we encourage healthy choices and help our patients through continuous guidance throughout and after treatment.
For normal healthy people ,we provide guidance and counselling on how you can fit these changes in your lifestyle to prevent cancer.

6-Palliative /comfort care

Sometimes it’s too late to cure cancer with active cancer treatments. In these situations, our goal becomes maintaining the quality of life of our patients by actively preventing the symptoms of cancer services or by treating symptoms as they arise. We provide this comfort care both at our outpatient clinic and in the hospital if needed.

8-Using old drugs to treat cancer

Some of the older drugs used in treatment of other diseases are found to help in cancer as well . So these drugs are being used in cancer as well .This is called repurposing the older drugs.
There is a long list of these drugs including metformin ,atorvastatin ,cimetidine etc etc .In our country most people can not afford newer and more expensive treatments like immunotherapy ,biological therapies .Every little help that we can get from these medicine can make a difference .
Always talk to your oncologist before using these drugs especially with regards to side effects and interference of these drugs with your regular cancer  treatments.
We believe in leaving no stone un-turned in treatment of our cancer patients .We use these drugs cautiously in some of our patients and have noted a difference and improvement in outcomes.

9-Cancer screening

Cancer screening means detecting cancer early to treat it before it causes any symptoms. Many cancers services can be detected early by doing various tests in normal healthy people before they have any symptoms of cancer. Following are a few examples where cancer can be detected early by doing the specific test;
Breast cancer by mammogram
Colon cancer by colonoscopy
Lung cancer by CT scan
Liver cancer in hepatitis patients by regular ultrasounds and blood tests
cervical/uterine cancer by pap smear
Prostate cancer by blood tests.

10-Cancer prevention

As the saying goes that prevention is better than treatment. Many cancers services can be prevented by a healthy diet, exercise, stress reduction, some supplements, etc. This could be very important in people with a strong family history of cancers. If you would like to hear more about it, please call our clinic to make an appointment.